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What type of services do you need?

How much does a remodel cost?

This varies a lot from different condos to homes. It also depends on the work you want done and what you are trying to achieve. The best way to answer this is to schedule a site visit and discuss your goal with you so that we can quote your project. Then we talk with you about ways to bring the cost up or down, based on your budget.

Are you licensed?

YES! We are licensed & insured Maui contractor. BC-25073 & BC-26370 are our license numbers.

What is something I should do before scheduling a site visit?

The best thing you can do is 1.) come up with your budget (how much you are able and willing to spend) and 2.) make a list of things you want done. Split your list of things you want done in to two categories: ” Must Have” & “Would Like”. This list will guide us on all the things we need to discuss during the site visit and help when budgeting. We can then come up with a way to achieve as much of what you are wanting, while working in your budget. 

I want to build an Ohana. How can you help?

We can help you with the whole process, from the architectural planning, to permits, to ground work, and then vertical construction. As your Maui contractor, we can do it all. 

Do I have to go shopping for all the finish items or will you do that?

Some clients prefer to go out and purchase all their finish materials (appliances, fixtures, tile etc). However, we usually do that for you so that we can coordinate the timing. We will have you fill out a list of all the items you want for your finish work, so you will still “shop”, and then we will order everything based on the schedule.  If you do prefer to make the purchases, we can give you a timeline of when to order.